As an entrepreneur starting a new venture you are trying to print cost-effective and going to the direct to the printer (no broker or middle man) to order a print. If you are looking for the best printing service you have come to the right place. Your marketing material will look amazing, we will also help you through your first print, all the technical stuff. As you know your business, we know print, we are professional printers and will make the process, and will also have you printed material ready when you need it.

Customer ordering a print

How to order a print

1. What is the print size?

You have to keep in mind first, how big is your artwork. The movies have been lying to you, we can not add pixel, so keep the print in the limit of you artwork. Second what is the goal of the artwork, if you have a billboard you would need to print a sample and keep it at a distance as you need read the text and concept from a distance. The is nothing worse than printing a huge banner and needing to re-print as you can not read the phone number?

2. How many do you need?

This may seem a simple question, but this will determine what method of printing. If you need a small quantity we will print one method (digital), if you need alto we will print litho, the setup cost is higher but we will save in the long run

3. Make sure you have a safe area

Newbies tend to add text right to the edge of the artwork, you have to keep in mind when we cut the side of your print it is done stacked, this is why we ask for a min of 3mm and ideally 5mm clean space from the cut line, in case a few papers are not aligned we don’t cut your beautifully written copy off.

4. Make sure your file is high-resolution

Resolution is the measurement of how many dots/pixels fit into one inch.
The higher resolution, the sharper the image will be. Corpnet recommends resolution of 300 dpi (dots per inch) for crisp, clear results. Lower resolution images appear fuzzy, jagged and blurry. If you are not sure to send us the files and we will let you know if it is “printable”

5. Double-check your spelling

Don’t forget to proofread your print before you send it to us for printing! People commonly forget to read through the final version and print and need to reprint. Your costs start to increase if we have to go back and forth with multiple revisions of your files. Try to give us trouble-free “ready-to-print” files from the beginning. We recommend reading and re-reading your book until you can’t stand it any more … and then reading it some more. Find family members or friends who are willing to look through your file for typos or grammatical errors. You can even hire someone to do the proofreading and editing for you if you’d like.

6. Make sure the file is print-ready

A quick checklist to ensure

  • Is it the high-resolution version of the file
  • Have you proofread
  • Is there crop marks
  • The final file that has all the elements (fonts, images… your open files are referencing them and we won’t have your font)
    • The best option is a PDF, all your elements will be baked into one file we can work with

What to ask for when asking for a quote

  • Size (A4, Business Card …)
  • One Side, Double Side
  • Binded (Wire, perfect…)
  • Paper (What thickness do you require, normal office paper is 80 gsm and business card is 300gsm)
  • Finishing (You can ask for a special finish if your print is going to be handled a lot, the options are laminate gloss/matt, encapsulated

If you have any question of the above pop in for a coffee and we can show you samples

If you have ANY doubt, call or email, we are professional printers and will help you through the process. We will help you if we see any issues with your files, if you look good, then we look good. We love to make our client look amazing, they always come back for more.

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