Printed Books vs Digital: Which Is Better?


Recently, printed books have seen a resurgence, while digital book sales are declining. This is because studies have shown that reading comprehension and retention are better with printed books—they are better for your brain and your health! Here are just a few reasons why:

  • Learning better.

Studies show that readers absorb information better when reading from a printed book rather than from a digital source like a computer or tablet.

  • Maintaining momentum.

When studying or reading a long book, readers track their progress by the waxing and waning pages on either side. Making physical progress through the book encourages the reader to continue.

  • Processing the content.

Digital readers spend more time scanning for keywords than processing what they're reading, whereas print readers score higher in immersion and understanding of the narrative.

  • Easier on the eyes.

The blue light emitted from screens stresses readers' eyes, leading to increased fatigue and issues with comprehension.

  • Lastly, it's battery-free!

Print books work anywhere, anytime—no batteries, chargers, or internet connections are needed to learn. This is especially important in South Africa, where (let's be honest) a charged device is not guaranteed.


Employee Spotlight: Gawie Le Roux


Say hello to Gawie Le Roux, our Business Development Manager! He takes care of our existing customers and still finds time to seek new clients. He is second-in-charge at Corpnet and the go-to man of choice with a wealth of experience and advice that he's always eager to share.

With 20 years behind him, Gawie's background is extensive and exclusive to the industry. Starting in 2001, straight out of matric, he landed in a copy shop at Campus Square, Auckland Park. This is where he met none other than André Thirion, who taught him the ins and outs of ink on paper. He's since done stints at Rosebank, UJ Campus and Pretoria, where he found his way into signage and branding. He and André reunited in 2011 at Corpnet. It wasn't long before Gawie's younger brother Eugene followed in his footsteps, starting as a machine minder and now working as a Production Manager alongside his brother.

Celebrating his third wedding anniversary with Robyn and hitting the big 40, Gawie is no stranger to the gym with plenty of fitness and weight training. Being a keen Superbike enthusiast is his other preferred method of keeping work stress levels in check. We don't know how he does it all, but we are so proud and ever-grateful to have him on our team!


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