Every marketing team is challenged to do more with less — especially non-profit organisations. Often, resources are tight, and teams are small. Sound like your organisation? Learning how to market your non-profit organisation, doesn’t have to be complicated. There are many easy actions you can take to reach your target audience, educate the public, and increase support for your mission.


Non-Profit Organisations


Why Your Non-profit Needs Marketing?


Even the most altruistic organisation can’t do much good unless people know about it. Your non-profit needs strong relationships with donors, volunteers, the media, and even government organisations to pursue its mission effectively.


Tips For Marketing Non-Profit Organisations:


1. Clear Call To Action

If you already have donors, what drives them to give? Why do people support your organisation? Don’t think of things like, “because our cause helps …”. Think more literally and selfishly. What are the psychological reasons driving people to donate to you? You need to find the story that speaks most to your desired supporters. Does your current fundraising campaign present itself in a way that’s best suited to them? Could you make it better by changing the style of online fundraising? Or, does your story just need a boost? Gather the details of your campaign – statistical facts and data to support your work, volunteer stories, impact stories, in short, anything that paints a positive picture of your cause. Now use this info to create the backstory for your donation ask. Mould your message so that people know who you are and how you are making a change in the world.

2. Attracting Volunteers

Non-profit marketing isn’t just for funding — it also drives manpower (and womanpower!) to your organisation. Regardless of industry or size, all non-profits benefit from volunteers, and marketing your organisation can help bring in new hands. Also, volunteers are twice as likely to donate as non-volunteers.

3. Recurring Donations

Many non-profit organisations offer donation memberships and monthly subscriptions via https://www.payfast.co.za/solutions/donations. These programs are valuable for generating a constant cashflow without having to engage in regular fundraising.

4. Branded Merchandise

Your organisation can partner up with a great print company such as Corpnet Print Excellence to offer your benefactor branded merchandise such as a sticker or t-shirt. This makes them feel appreciated and gives them bragging rights or a conversation piece which aid in selling your cause. They might also jump to the next level of donation if they know they will get something in return (an upsell).

5. Measurable Goals

You won’t know whether your non-profit marketing is effective unless you know what you’re trying to achieve. Having measurable goals gives you a way to evaluate what is working and what needs to change. The goals you set should make sense for your organisation and mission and may include:

  • Donations or revenue
  • Email list sign-ups
  • Donor/member retention
  • New donors/members
  • Yearly initiatives you want to achieve

6. Marketing Materials

Do you mail brochures or postcards? Send thank-you notes to donors? Are you likely to make appearances or have an information table at events? Do your staff members use business cards? Any time you interact with the public, your non-profit needs marketing materials. These materials should be branded for your organisation and include information that showcases the accomplishments, services, and values of your organisation, along with information about how to get involved or where to donate. Corpnet PX has an in-house designer who can help you design and set up a professional look which is essential in this day and age of scamming. An easy way to demonstrate your authenticity is with professional and uniform marketing material that is readily identifiable.

These activities and strategies help promote your organisation, but they’ll also take a heavy load off the backs of your team and volunteers — freeing them up to dedicate more time to your cause and constituents.


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